International schools in Japan

As a foreigner living in Japan, it has been a challenge searching for international schools in Japan. We gathered information about international schools in Tokyo and Yokohama for us. We found others doing similar search. So we gathered more information about international schools covering all of Japan and decided to present them here. This website is a one stop location to browse all the international schools in Japan.

We are sure the information we share in this site will be of great help to you.

For all the schools, you can find a google map link to easily locate the school and get direction from your place to reach the school. We understand you will be browsing using your smart phone, so there is a link for each school which will open up google map (if installed in your phone) and navigate you to the school.

We have ordered the school list by region which is the default need. We have also arranged if the school is K12 and if they offer curriculum like IB, Cambridge etc...

Nowadays, many Japanese are also showing interest in international shcools. I hope they enjoy using this site as well as the foreigners/expats.

If you want to add a school or remove a school or data incorrect or modify any information, please contact us:

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There are some schools which are "first" to do a few things in Japan. Picked up a few entries from their school website. Check out here on "first-to-do" in an international school in Japan.


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